• Favorable location of Georgia, ease of doing business, endorsement of free industrial zones, tax benefits for particular types of legal
    entities (for example, for virtual zones, etc.) significantly improves country's investment climate and its potential. Due to the above, Georgia
    is one of the top destinations for company formation. BMB Legal provides fastest and efficient registration services, which include preparation of
    founding documents of any type.
  • Obtaining Georgian citizenship or obtaining residence permit is one of the highly demanded legal services of the latest period in Georgia. Georgian
    citizenship is obtained by birth or naturalization. There are several types of naturalization. Also, the applicable legislation sets certain types of residence
    permits in Georgia. In order to achieve the desired goal, it is important to ensure lawfulness of activities and of the residence for which qualified legal
    assistance from the very beginning is indispensable. Our highly qualified team offers services to obtain Georgian citizenship or residence permit. Our qualification
    will save your time and money to get the desired results.
  • The real estate market is an important segment of economic turnover.
    A number of business activities are unimaginable
    without the use of real estate, and important immovable property deals
    should always be accompanied with qualified legal support.
    Acquisition and / or use of any real estate is expedient only after a thorough
    study of the right documents and after thorough
    verification of the public registry data. Our team offers full scope qualified
    services related to solution of real estate
    issues such as its acquisition, dealing with liens and mortgage lending.
  • Investments
    BMB Legal lawyers will provide high professional legal consultations to Georgian and foreign citizens or
    legal entities who wish to make investments in Georgia. Our consultation and services include the following areas:
    • Investment market research and legal risk analysis;
    • Legal consultations at all stages of preparation of legal documents and activities;
    • Legal advice for the investor on real estate, construction, business activity or tax issues, both at
    the government, as well as local natural and legal persons in the negotiations and investor protection,
    as the contractual relationship, as well as at all three instances of the Court.

Our firm

Our firm offers wide range of qualified legal services both, for legal entities as well as natural persons. You can rely on our experience and expertise to build your success.

Our team

Each member of our team has extensive background and experience gained over years of work with private entities as well as public institutions. In our work we uniformly apply principles of independence, confidentiality and confidence. Interest of our client is number one priority for us and we protect them at all times and with any lawful means. Our professional, ethical and business reputation is top priority and value for us which we shall secure at all times.

Our services

Our services include verbal and written consultations, recommendations, draw-ups, review and revision of documents of legal nature and importance, assessing legal aspects of any issue/case and preparation of opinions, determinations and evaluation of legal risks, accompanying clients business relations/needs, representation at courts, administrative bodies, arbitration court as well as during interactions with third parties.


Analysis and evaluation of legal risks

Development of market relations, which cause changes to the legislation, require timely and efficient response in the course of assessing and resolving any legal issue. To minimize the risks or secure risk-free implementation of your aims in different fields, BMB Legal Services offers you the service of preliminary assessment of the legal risks related to any issue and preparation of respective legal opinion. Our services include continuous monitoring of legal and sub-legislative acts, studying legal issues of various organizations or individuals, legal review of documents prior to adoption of various decisions and/or implementation of transactions, implementation of complex legal analysis, evaluation and forecasting of the prospects of the transactions. Qualified and timely assessment of legal risks performed by our lawyers shall ensure minimization of your financial, material and reputational damages.

Business / Corporate disputes

Lawyers of BMB Legal will defend your interests in corporate disputes representing you in the court and/or court of arbitration. We shall assist you with identifying most optimal way to settle dispute and achieve desired results. We combine legislative norms and judicial practices and provide best solutions to complicated situations, which cannot be solved and require individual approaches.